Help Save the Rhino and Win

It's no secret that we love our rhinos. We even refer to ourselves as the Rhino Crash! So this year, we wanted to take the opportunity to honour this special species while at the same time raising money to help protect these real-life unicorns!

So, this year we're launching our Rhinos Saving Rhinos Fundraising Competition to help support our Impact Partner Wildlife ACT with their rhino conservation programme in South Africa.

We're on a mission to raise over $100,000 to help support and fund Wildlife ACT's incredible conservation work. And by entering our fundraising competition, you stand a chance to win a holiday as well as the opportunity to partake in one of these exclusive rhino conservation experiences.

Rhino Africa and our Rise Africa Foundation

At Rhino Africa, everything we do is centred around leaving a legacy in Africa. And with the creation of our formalised grant foundation, the Rise Africa Foundation, in 2016, we're able to channel our outreach and fundraising initiatives on a much greater scale.

We believe in partnering with centres of African excellence rather than creating them because we're keenly aware of the talent and ingenuity already existing on this continent. Therefore, Rise Africa acts as a vehicle for change between donors and beneficiaries. This allows us to make a real tangible difference in protecting our continent's wildlife through empowering our Impact Partners, such as Wildlife ACT, in their conservation efforts.

Rise Africa

What You Stand a Chance to Win

We love our home country South Africa and want to share its magic with you! That's why we've curated three outstanding prizes featuring our country's most spectacular sights and experiences. But how do you enter the competition?

There are two ways in which you can enter this incredible competition:

  1. You’re automatically entered into the draw when you book a holiday with Rhino Africa between 22 September 2021 and 28 February 2022. Every confirmed booking made before 28 February 2022 will get an entry into the competition.
  2. You will earn one entry into the competition by donating $100 directly to the Rhinos Saving Rhinos Fundraising Initiative, run by Rise Africa Foundation. Every additional $100 entered will earn another entry into the draw.

From the world-famous Big 5 mecca Kruger National Park, the country's oldest city Cape Town, and the garden province of KwaZulu-Natal, we're bringing you the cream of the crop South Africa has to offer. As part of our first and second prizes, you also stand a chance to directly contribute to protecting our rhinos by participating in a rhino dehorning experience in KwaZulu-Natal.

Whether you win first, second or third prize, you'll wish you could win them all!

Meet Africa's Wildlife Superheroes, Wildlife ACT

Rhino Africa's Impact Partner Wildlife ACT is a non-profit trust that specialises in protecting Africa's endangered species, such as the rhino, to save them from extinction. They do this by safely monitoring, capturing, transporting and reintroducing animals to new areas. They also help educate the rural communities living around these reserves about the impact of poaching on the species and foster respect and love for rhinos.

Other anti-poaching measures include rhino dehorning. Removing the rhino's horn is proven the most effective and cost-effective strategy to deter poachers. And because rhinos use their horns to showcase dominance, they also ensure that they quickly dehorn the entire rhino population so that they are all on an equal playing field.

Wildlife Act

Become a wildlife superhero by donating and help to save our rhinos. One small act today can have a lasting impact on tomorrow!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I enter the Rhinos Saving Rhinos Fundraising Competition?

    You can enter this competition in one of two ways.
    1) Book a holiday with Rhino Africa between 22 September 2021 and 31 May 2022 and you'll automatically get an entry into the draw.
    2) Donate $100 directly to our Rhinos Saving Rhinos Fundraising Initiative for one entry.
    For every $100 that you donate, you get another entry!

  • When will you announce the winner?

    The competition will run from 22 September 2021 and close on 31 May 2022. With the winners being announced in June 2022. Ts&Cs apply.

  • What work does Wildlife ACT do to help save the rhino?

    They help protect various species from extinction. To protect the rhino, they help dehorn them to deter poachers, as well as safely capture, transport and release them to new areas where they will thrive and to boost population numbers. They also continually monitor these rhinos with tracking devices to ensure they adapt to their new environment.

  • How does removing the horn affect the rhino?

    Rhino horn is made from the protein keratin, just like your nails and hair. The rhino therefore does not feel a thing. At the same time, Wildlife ACT removes the entire male population's horns at the same time to ensure that there is no dominance due to some having horns and others not.

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