Take the kids along on a family safari

African safaris with kids are perfect for busy families – you can reconnect without the bother of modern distraction, and the kids will have a ball (while learning loads) with the many activities on offer. Enjoy watching young jaws drop as they see their first elephant or lion, and share the wonder of wildest Africa together.

What can kids do on family safari holidays 

From shorter safaris specifically designed for kids, junior ranger training, and butterfly/fish/insect catch-and-release activities – there's plenty for kids to do while parents enjoy some downtime. 

Where to have a family safari holiday in Africa 

The key to planning fun family safari holidays is choosing the safari lodges that cater to all your needs. You might not necessarily know when the best wildlife viewing times are, how to keep your kids busy while you’re on a safari or how to include your little ones into an African adventure without them feeling bored. But experienced holiday coordinators, state-of-the-art facilities, and all-inclusive guest service from the following private game reserves will have you sorted in no time: 

These children’s programmes might vary by their age inclusions and activity offerings, but they all typically provide your kids with a thorough understanding of their role in managing and conserving Africa’s incredible biodiversity. Between all the adapted game drives, nature walks, treasure hunts and cooking lessons, children will learn about themselves, other cultures, about building friendships and trust, and about survival in the wilderness. It’s ideal for wannabe young rangers.

Your family safari of a lifetime awaits 

Holidays in Africa are magical for adults and children alike – there’s nothing more thrilling than seeing animals in the wild, learning about how they survive in the bush, and being taught the value of conservation.

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