Unique once in a lifetime travel opportunities in Africa

What a wonderful...Africa! An African safari experience is like no other. Because the continent’s landscapes are so vastly varied, the many, many different kinds of experiences are for anyone and everyone. 

Whether you’re a loved-up couple looking for a remote yet luxurious hideout or a family with kids eager to go on a safe yet fun-packed adventure, Africa delivers. With so many activities on offer, there will be something (or, more likely, many things) that’s your cup of tea. 

From adrenaline-fueled adventures like paragliding off a mountain, a walking safari, or white water rafting to a gentle boat cruise or classic game drives – whoever you might be, whomever you’re travelling with, and whatever part of our continent you want to explore, Africa’s got something for you! 

  • African photo safaris: Pro and amateur photographers alike will delight in the photo safari opportunities. Plus, you can travel light and hire all the necessary photography equipment at some of our favourite luxury safari lodges! Not to mention the many subjects you have to capture, from unbelievable landscapes to shake-in-your-boots majestic creatures.

  • African safari honeymoon: Africa’s beauty will compete with your significant other’s on an African safari honeymoon. With far-flung, highly romantic places offering luxurious accommodation and the utmost privacy, you’ll feel even more in love than on your wedding day. Not to mention the experiences you get to share, so cheers to many more firsts in your many years to come! 

  • African safari with kids: Get the family disconnected from digital devices and reconnect with each other on an African safari. Kids will be in awe and utterly entertained, with many of our favourite luxury lodges offering activities and treats specially designed for them. And if parents want to catch a breather, childminders can be arranged so that you can enjoy a romantic star-lit dinner in peace. 

  • Big 5 safari: The famous Big 5, namely the lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino, awaits your arrival on safari in Africa. With many safari lodges to choose from, you can get up-close and personal on an open-air vehicle to marvel at their majesty. Guides in private game reserves can also go off-road to really give you an unforgettable safari sighting experience! 

  • Luxury safari: Think travelling to Africa means you have to rough it? Think again. Africa is known for its many luxury safari experiences, luring the rich and famous from across the world to get their taste of the magic. Join them by travelling, staying, and adventuring in style. From exclusive-use accommodation complete with a private chef, butler, game drive vehicle, and more, you don’t have to settle for anything but the best.

  • Malaria-free safaris: Want to go on an African safari, but don’t want to worry about malaria? Although malaria is easily preventable, there are also many malaria-free safari destinations in Africa. This is especially ideal for families with young children, pregnant women or the elderly. We will share all the safest malaria-free destinations perfect for you and your family!

  • The Great Migration in Africa: Seeing the Great Migration in Africa tops many of our guests' bucket lists. Often described as the “greatest wildlife show on earth”, watching the wildebeest, followed by zebra, gazelle and a couple of hungry predators, traversing across the vast East African plains is definitely a bucket-list-worthy experience. 

  • Babymoon safari: Celebrate the last chapter of your lives before your little one joins the world by going on a luxury babymoon safari. The perfect way to end one chapter and start another! Whether it's your first, second, third…there are plenty of safe yet spectacular places you can go for your babymoon safari. Let's show you the way! 

  • Elephant safari: Watching elephants go about their business in the wild is something that will make you laugh out loud and tug at your heartstrings. They might be the biggest land mammal, but their emotional nature and delicate social structures make them even more fascinating. 

  • Fly-in safaris: Skip the bumpy roads and travel in style instead. Sip bubbly as you get a head-start on your luxury safari experience by flying straight to a private landing strip near your lodge and admiring Africa's landscapes and creatures from a bird's-eye view. If you're going on a luxury safari, why not do so in style, from start to finish? Let's fly! 

  • Horseback safaris: Giddyup! Safari on horseback is so unique, because you get a different perspective and almost go undercover into Africa's wild. On the same “level” as the other animals, you really get to breathe in the same air and see some of the same things. It's an adventure that will bring you back to earth…even before you get off the horse! 

  • Lion safari: There's just nothing like watching a lion swagger right past your open-air game vehicle. You'll hold your breath, feel your heart hammer away in your chest, and won't want to blink. A lion safari is something you'll never get enough of, and Africa offers plenty of opportunities for seeing lions in the wild! 

  • Private guides: Explore Africa at your own pace with a private guide for the ultimate luxury safari. From a customised itinerary to a more uncrowded and exclusive experience, not having to share your personal space with others, privately guided safaris are the cherry on top of an already mind-blowing holiday adventure.  

  • Romantic holidays: Move aside, Paris! Africa is where real romance blossoms. Nothing can compare to Africa's wide-open plains, mesmerising sunsets, fascinating creatures, and warm hospitality. From slumbering under the stars to sundowners in the middle of the bush and beachside bliss on one of the Indian Ocean Islands, Africa invites couples to fall even deeper in love with one another. 

  • Safari holidays: There's no holiday like a safari holiday. Some people only dream of experiencing Africa's wild landscapes and animals, so if you get the opportunity to come to Africa, you take it! We know exactly where you need to be to ensure this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is exactly that –once-in-a-lifetime good! Wherever you might want to go, a tailor-made safari is the way to go. 

  • Golf in South Africa: Calling all golfers, pro or amateur or in-between! You've never played a round of golf like one in Africa. South Africa, in particular, is heaven for golfers, with stunning and challenging courses to entertain you for days on end. You'll have a golf bucket list of your own to work through here!

  • Gorilla and chimp trekking: One of the most moving experiences Africa has to offer, gorilla and chimpanzee trekking allows you to make your way through the rainforests that these primates call home to come face to face with them. Watching their human-like behaviour is thoroughly entertaining and will leave you transfixed. 

  • LGBTQ+ travel to Southern Africa: Africa might seem like a daunting choice to some LGBTQ+ travellers. However, it does not have to be! It's a simply fabulous destination. In fact, Cape Town in South Africa is dubbed the Gay Capital! We know exactly where and when to be for a fuss-free fantastic experience. 

  • Luxury rail journeys: There's an old-world romance to luxury train travel. It feels like you step back into time to a simpler time with none of these constant modern-day distractions.

Why should I book my African safari experience with Rhino Africa?  

For the best possible African safari experience, you want to ensure that you book with the best. And you can't really do better than Africa's – sorry, correction, the World's Leading Safari Company, can you? Well, that's us, the best in the biz ready to tailor-make the ultimate African safari experience for you! 

At Rhino Africa, we know our continent like the elephant knows its trunk, and we can't wait to share it with you! Based in Cape Town, South Africa, our Travel Experts have travelled far and wide, slept in the beds, got to know the lodge owners and managers, experienced the exhilarating activities – and now they're well-versed in all things Africa. 

Leave the stress and admin of planning a trip behind. Instead, leave it in the hands of locals who are also very well-travelled, so they know precisely what, when, where and how you need to go about your safari. We tailor-make each safari especially for you, taking your group, needs, wants, and more into account. Furthermore, we've rubbed shoulders with other leaders in our industry so that we can get you into the most exclusive places for ultra-luxurious experiences! What are you waiting for? Your African safari experience awaits! 

Contact our Travel Experts, and let's start planning, so that you can start packing. See you in Africa!

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