Where can I see elephants on safari?

It's a no-brainer why everyone should go on an elephant safari in Africa. Just look at them! With their brassy trumpets and flapping ears to their swarthy gait and ivory tusks, these gentle giants are one of the most recognisable animals in Africa. Not only are they on everyone's safari bucket list because of their Big 5 status, but they're also revered for their sheer size and strength as the largest land mammals on earth. Plus, their intricate social structures within their herds are fascinating. Are elephants "must-sees" on your upcoming safari holiday? Come with us, we know all the best places to see them. 

What makes elephants so special?

  • They are the largest land mammals in Africa and the heaviest in the world

  • Looking into their almost human-like eyes is a very moving experience

  • Our ellies always entertain, and seeing them is never boring

  • Their social structure is fascinating 

  • They are very intelligent and emotional animals 

  • It's interesting to watch them communicate with one another 

  • Baby elephants are the cutest as they're clumsy and adorable when they try to learn how to use their trunks

  • Watching elephants sip and splash at a watering hole is a delight

The best destinations to see elephants in the wild

An elephant safari will make you feel small yet powerful as you bask in the presence of these magnificent creatures. Here are our favourite destinations for the best elephant safari experiences.


There are numerous national parks and reserves across the African continent with their fair share of elephants. However, if you're passing through this magnificent safari destination, the word on everyone's lips for elephant sightings is Chobe – and it's easy to see why. Chobe is home to the Big 5. Its population of elephants is particularly impressive, exceeding about 50,000 and making it the largest elephant population in Africa! Therefore, it’s the best place for an elephant safari in Botswana. It also happens to be one of the most biologically diverse national parks in the country. 


The formidable image of the elephant may as well be the official symbol of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. This wildlife sanctuary is home to one of the largest elephant herds you can find on the entire continent. And it should come as no surprise that, spanning an area of 14,600km² – it's also the largest (and oldest) national park in the country. An elephant safari in Zimbabwe will delight any wildlife enthusiast. 

South Africa

Elephant sightings are frequent in South Africa if you know where to go. Kruger National Park is an obvious pick for an elephant safari in South Africa, thanks to its high concentrations of elephants (and the other members of the Big 5). At the same time, the neighbouring Kapama Private Game Reserve is also a winning choice. Camp Jabulani is found in the Greater Kruger Area and allows visitors to get up close and personal with these gentle giants. When travelling down towards the south coast, you'll find the Eastern Cape's Addo region, renowned for its elephants. Most notably, the Addo Elephant National Park has the highest densities of elephants per square kilometre, promising plenty of exciting sightings! 


After the Maasai Mara National ReserveAmboseli National Park is the second most-frequented in Kenya. It offers some of the best views of Kilimanjaro just across the border, as well as sightings of elephants, subject to the longest ongoing elephant study in the wild. Although an elephant safari in Kenya is remarkable, you'll get to see plenty of other wildlife in these wide-open plains.   


The semi-arid savannah of Ruaha National Park's rolling plains are scattered with acacias, baobabs and overhanging forest. This is an ideal environment for our soft-footed friends. So it’s no surprise that this national park has the highest concentration of African elephants in all of East Africa. During an elephant safari in Tanzania, visitors will be pleased to spot some of the 8,000 elephants and over 570 species of birds that call the park home. 


Etosha National Park is the crowning glory of wildlife reserves and attractions and the perfect place for an elephant safari in Namibia. Another particularly striking aspect of the national park is its varied vegetation which nourishes a plethora of wildlife, including countless herds of plains game. Etosha also provides a refuge for the endangered black rhino, black-faced impala, and Tsessebe.  


South Luangwa National Park has a respectable elephant population within its borders. However, what makes this park such a winner is that this park is the “birthplace of the walking safari”. Therefore, visitors can explore the park on foot for their elephant safari in Zambia, feel the thrill, and appreciate the sheer size of these massive mammals. The Lower Zambezi National Park is also known for its plentiful elephant herds that love congregating along the river's lush banks.

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Our team of Travel Experts have done their homework (it’s a tough job, but someone has got to do it!) by testing each and every destination, accommodation option and activity for you. We’ve seen elephants shuffling through the vast African plains with ou own eyes and would love to place you in the right place to experience it too. 

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