What you will get up to while on safari

Here is a rough guide to what to expect on Safari in the Kruger National Park. You can also find some tips on what to pack for an unforgettable safari-experience here

Wake Up! Wake Up! … it’s an early start.

Meet your ranger and tracker for early morning tea and coffee before heading out on safari, typically on open 4X4 safari vehicles. The best game viewing is to be found first thing in the morning and the anticipation is half the excitement! You could meet a herd of elephants at a drinking hole, observe a herd of shy impala or get up close with a pack of lions…it’s all up to chance!

Safari vehicles start returning from the game drives and you can enjoy a sumptuous and well-earned breakfast!

Depending on the season and the rules of the reserve, many lodges offer a Safari Walk with an armed tracker. This gives you a chance to concentrate on the smaller wonders of the Kruger National Park such as insects and birds. The tracker will tell you fascinating stories of the bushveld as well as the traditional cultural and medicinal properties of trees and plants.

After your walk you will have a chance to relax and unwind or enjoy a swim to cool down from the relentless African sunshine.

A delicious lunch is served. After lunch there is more time to relax and soak up the splendour of your surrounds.

As the African sun begins to ease away and shadows start to form across the bushveld, guests and rangers meet for afternoon tea before the evening Game Drive.

Safari Time! You will head out on your second Game Drive for the day with a majestic African sunset as the backdrop. The animals become more active again and the nocturnal animals get ready for their hunting. Your ranger will be driving the vehicle and the tracker is up front looking out for tracks and spotting the animals.

As the sun sets the ranger will pick a good spot for a sundowner where you will pause to watch the sunset and enjoy some cocktails and refreshments. A real safari tradition!

As it starts to get dark, the tracker and guide use a powerful spotlight to catch sight of the animals. The animals eyes reflect in the spot light and the ranger and tracker will concentrate on finding the nocturnal animals such as Leopards and sunset hunters such as Lions.

The timing of dinner is determined by the activities on safari! If there are things happening and lions hunting – your dinner will wait.
A chance to freshen up before dinner.

Dinner Time. At most lodges, there are a number of places to enjoy dinner at the lodge and weather dependant the camp manager will select the perfect venue. Your ranger usually joins you for dinner and the camp fire stories have been known to continue into the early hours! The more luxurious lodges offer you the choice of having dinner in your room. And finally you get to retire to your suite for some peaceful sleep before the next exciting day!

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