Packing list for a Kruger National Park Safari

So, you’re here because you want to know what to pack for an African safari. The secret to packing is quite simple – less is more! By packing light, you’ll save yourself many headaches. You really don’t need to go crazy buying a camouflaged kit and pith helmets! Many guests arrive better kitted out than the rangers! In fact, you don't even need specialist equipment - just take comfortable clothes and avoid bright colours. Autumnal hues are best - beiges, browns, greens etc. It can get chilly on the back of the safari vehicle, so layers are good.

Space is limited in safari vehicles and if your journey includes a charter flight, they are generally done on light aircrafts. The luggage limit is 20kg per person, total (hand plus checked), in soft sided bags only. If you’re flying from Johannesburg on a Chartered Flight to Kruger or Madikwe Game Reserve or planning a the Okavango Delta and Moremi Region or Chobe safari, this is of particular relevance.

Johannesburg International Airport does have luggage storage facilities, which your consultant will be delighted to assist you in booking. Small to medium-sized duffel bags or soft-sided luggage works best, as there is no room for large, hard cases. Bear in mind that most lodges and hotels offer a laundry service.

The safari experience is a relaxed affair, so you can leave your expensive jewellery at home.

Clothing Suggestions for a 3-5 night stay

• 2 pair trousers (khakis or similar) 1 casual skirt for women
• 1 or 2 pair shorts
• 1 “smart casual” or dressy evening attire
• 2 t-shirts
• 1 long sleeved t-shirt or turtleneck
• 1 or 2 short sleeved shirts or blouses
• 1 long sleeved shirt or blouse
• 1 light to medium weight cardigan or pullover sweater or sweatshirt
• Ladies might well want to pack a Pashmina
• 1 wind-breaker or light jacket
• 2 pair shoes (a Walking Pair of Shoes is recommended)
• Swimming suit
• Underwear & socks for 3-5 days (women a sports-bra is good for bumpy roads)
• Sleep wear (light weight sweats double up nicely)
• Flip flops (optional) for pool or shower
• Personal toiletries etc. including adequate sanitary necessities

Winter in the Bush (April to Oct) can be quite cold during your morning and evening game drives. During this time it is advisable to pack a warm flease, gloves, hat and scarf.

General Packing List

• Passport, visas, vaccination certificate, airline tickets, credit card, money
• Day pack or small carry on bag
• Binoculars
• Camera equipment and specialized lenses to suit your level of expertise
• Adequate memory (this may be much more than you anticipate - better too much than to run out)
• Hat for sun protection
• Anti-maleria medication (if required)
• Sunglasses
• Personal First Aid Kit including necessary prescription medicines
• Insect repellent
• Sunscreen & unscented moisturizing lotion
• Lip balm
• Travel tissues & “Wet Ones”
• Small flashlight (torch)
• Travel alarm clock
• Photocopy of airline tickets and passport

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