Why travel with &Beyond?

&Beyond has luxury lodges worldwide, and they offer the best in quality hospitality. In Africa, they're best known for their expert safaris, with lodges scattered across the continent and on the Indian Ocean Islands. However, at the core of everything that &Beyond does lies their passion for sustainable travel.

Their goal is to share the world's most unbelievable destinations and experiences while at the same time preserving them for future generations. Their ethos is "care of the wildlife, care of the people, care of the land". And as that's inherent to everything we believe in at Rhino Africa, it's a no-brainer to send our valued guests to &Beyond properties.

&Beyond was founded in 1991 and has since become one of the world's top lodges, especially in Africa's safari industry. Their sterling reputation shows in the long list of awards and accolades praising their sustainable model, tailored experiences, luxury accommodation, and warm hospitality.

If you want to experience an exclusive, personalised 5-star luxury experience in Africa, we can highly recommend &Beyond. They're known for curating luxury honeymoons that go above and beyond to exceed your wildest expectations. They also specialise in family travel, with their renowned WILDchild Programme. Designed to keep little ones entertained and educate them through interactive activities. Of course, it also allows parents to enjoy a well-deserved break on their holiday! At &Beyond, they genuinely believe that nature is the greatest classroom and that spending time together in Africa's wild spaces is the best place for families to reconnect.

What makes a stay at &Beyond extraordinary is that they design it around whom you're travelling with, what you'd like to do, and they take care of your every need to make you feel well-rested, pampered, and reconnect with yourself, your loved ones, and Mother Nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've taken the liberty to answer everything you may need to know about &Beyond.

  • Beyond has 29 lodges in 13 countries. In Africa, they have lodges in Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania. On the Indian Ocean Islands, they have lodges in Mozambique and Zanzibar.

  • &Beyond (like at Rhino Africa!) believes that no two travellers are alike. Therefore, no two trips should be exactly the same! They tailor-make your experience at their lodges to ensure that it meets your needs. From honeymoon experiences to family-friendly activities, they will make it their mission that everyone is entertained and happy throughout their stay. By staying at an &Beyond lodge, you also help give back and support their sustainable tourism efforts. Finally, they believe in offering only the very best in luxury hospitality, so you can rest assured that even the most discerning traveller will be happy at &Beyond. They really go over and beyond!

  • &Beyond believes in leaving the world in a better condition than they found it. Their vision is to do this through "our care of the land, wildlife and people". They continually evolve their initiatives, but here are some examples of their goals for 2021. They reduced their carbon footprint, used water sustainably, and used zero plastic water bottles. When it comes to caring for the wildlife, they helped protect at least three endangered land or marine species.

    They also actively managed wildlife populations for biodiversity and supported wildlife conservation education. Finally, to care for the people, the goal was to maximise local shared value opportunities through economic benefit, capacity building, and social service infrastructure. You can read more about their impact model here.

  • The type of activities and experiences you can expect at &Beyond depends on the destination and specific lodge you're staying at. However, &Beyond is known for going the extra mile to keep everyone thoroughly entertained.

    They are also known for their expertly guided safaris, From sleeping out under the stats in Tanzania to scuba diving in Zanzibar, conservation experiences in South Africa, romantic dinners and rose petal baths, gorilla trekking adventures in East Africa, exploring Cape Town's many beaches. The possibilities truly are endless when you stay at &Beyond's ideally positioned lodges.

  • Yes, &Beyond has family-friendly lodges in Africa! They even have their dedicated WILDchild programme for children aged 3-12 years old to keep them engaged and learning while also giving parents a bit of a breather! Each kid receives a backpack with age-appropriate goodies, and the child-friendly lodges have children menus available. You can also take advantage of childminding services (for an additional cost).