Limpopo's lovely landscapes await

Diverse culture, history interwoven with myth, vast open spaces and a diverse wildlife population all come together and make up the Limpopo province. Mapungubwe Mountain casts its gaze over the riverine landscape where South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe meet and the prolific wildlife of the Kruger National Park roam. It is also here that the Makapansgat caves hid the remains of early man and the Balobedu Rain Queens reigned for over 400 years. 

One of Limpopo’s star attractions is the Kruger National Park. Crawling with reptilian, amphibian, bird and mammal species (including the Big 5), it offers the quintessential African safari. Of course, the wildlife isn’t restricted to this park alone: a large part of Limpopo’s landscape teems with wildlife. An abundance of flora coils itself around the sandstone outcrops of the Waterberg Mountains, adding to the endless greenery. Its ancient rock formations are marked with San rock art. 

Craggy peaks form the jagged spine of the Soutpansberg, where baobabs sprout like mushrooms. Beyond, the lost kingdom of Mapungubwe is scattered with relics from the Iron and Stone Age. The Venda region is dotted with hilltops, lakes and forests that are laced with spiritual significance and several sacred sites. 


  • The Kruger National Park and its neighbouring reserves are crawling with wildlife, including the Big 5
  • The Waterberg Mountains’ ancient rock formations showcase San rock art 
  • The lost kingdom of Mapungubwe is home to relics from the Iron and Stone Age
  • The Mapungubwe National Park is home to fossilised dinosaur footprints and skeletal remains
  • The enigmatic Venda region is dotted with hilltops, lakes and forests that bind the land with spiritual significance

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