Explore the uniqueness of the Namib Desert

The Namib Desert has often been hailed as the oldest in the world. Its inception began some 50 – 80 million years ago while it has remained unchanged for the last 2 million. Sprawled across an area of 81 000km², the relentless expanse of the desert is home to countless undulating dunes and stretches for an impressive 2 000km from the Olifants River in South Africa to the Carunjamba River in Angola, encompassing Namibia’s entire coastline in between. 

The desert’s bizarre ecosystem made up of contrasting landscapes such as dunes, coast, rivers and plains all support a superbly diverse ecosystem. Humans have called the Namib Desert home since the early stone age and have left behind well-preserved rock paintings, tools and pottery. Most of Namibia’s popular tourist sites occur within the Namib Desert region and there are activities to keep you busy from north to south.

Visitors can enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, 4X4 trails, bird-watching, coastal holidays along the fabled Skeleton Coast, hot air ballooning across the landscape with magnificent views of the dunes and pans below or enjoy the hospitality of the charming towns along the way. The Namib Desert’s sun-baked activities are endless.


  • One of the oldest deserts in the world with a fascinating history dating back as far as 80 million years
  • Encompassing a 2000km stretch of coastline from Angola through South Africa 
  • Diversity of landscapes is home to an array of wildlife and birdlife, rare species and desert-adapted flora and fauna
  • Variety of activities from hiking through to hot air ballooning and so much more
  • Accommodation options ranging from luxury lodges to camping
  • Best time to go:
  • Best
  • Mixed

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