Time warp to the dazzling, diamond era

Luderitz had its origins in guano-harvesting and fishing before offering its services as a trading post to passers-by. The town exploded into a flurry of activity once people caught wind of diamonds being discovered. Although that proved short-lived, this charming town has retained its German-style architecture and has remained largely untouched, making it a popular tourist attraction. 

While the town is pounded by waves and wind from the Benguela current, this natural phenomenon has also brought with it a plethora of marine and birdlife. Visitors are enchanted by the mist-laden and ethereal quality given by the sea spray at Bogenfels Arch, a 30m natural arch in the cliff face some two hours away. Inland, the ghost town of Kolmanskop lies partially submerged beneath the desert sand – a must-see for photographers - while just off the coast, a flourishing African Penguin colony call Halifax Island their home.

There are several places to stay in L?deritz and an array of restaurants serving up deliciously fresh seafood fare - so enjoy the feast. The battering wind is an ever present reminder of the fierce power of the elements while the accommodation options offer welcome respite in the form of saunas, indoor pools, sheltered gardens and cosy restaurants.


  • Small coastal village that is still a remnant of its 20th-century roots
  • German style architecture is evident in many splendid buildings worth seeing
  • Bogenfels arched rock is a geological marvel and interesting day excursion
  • Ghost town of Kolmanskop is both educational and fun and great for photographers
  • Catamaran excursion to African Penguin colony and marine life en-route
  • Best time to go:
  • Best
  • Mixed

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