A handful of exclusive, luxury lodges in the Kruger Park

What’s a private concession you ask? These are areas where carefully selected operators are granted licence to offer all the benefits of a safari lodge on a private reserve. What results is a truly beautiful and exclusive experience for guests – especially as game vehicles can deviate off the road network within their concession boundaries, allowing for incredible up-close wildlife encounters. 

Aside from being the largest in the country and second-largest on the continent, the Kruger National Park boasts the greatest concentration and diversity of species on the globe. It’s hardly surprising that visitor’s worldwide flock to Kruger - sadly leaving many game-viewing prospects crowded and time-constrained. The Private Concessions of the park offer guests an intimate and exclusive safari without the crowds - while still within the boundaries of the mighty Kruger.

Still bound by certain park regulations, the concessions afford guests exclusivity and luxury. Here, game vehicles viewing wildlife can stay a while longer and have the experience remain untainted by crowds of tourists. Visitors have the added bonus of being able to venture into the Kruger Park itself should they wish (although hardly necessary considering the superb game-viewing in the immediate area). Those in the park, however, cannot venture into the private concessions.

Visitors can spot the Big 5 and an array of big game such as giraffe, hippo, and wildebeest. Sightings of other predators like crocodile, wild dog, and hyena are also common. The lodges and camps in the concessions have a well-founded reputation for luxury, exceptional service, and highly-trained guides. The concessions are best reached by air or otherwise by a six-hour drive from Johannesburg.

Why stay in a private safari lodge in Kruger National Park?

  • The Kruger is home to the largest and most diverse concentration of wildlife species in the world
  • The private concessions within the park, offer a luxurious and superbly-executed safari away from the madding crowds of the Greater Kruger Park
  • Located in an area known for some of the best Big-5 sightings in the area
  • While park visitors cannot enter into the concessions, guests staying in the concessions can venture into the park

Here’s a selection of some of our favourite luxury lodges in the Kruger Park, chosen for their unrivalled location, a wealth of amenities, phenomenal views, outstanding service, and attention to detail. From the twinkling candle-lit Treehouse of Lion Sands Tinga Lodge and the contemporary natural splendour of Kruger National Park to the earthen colours and wooden chandeliers of Singita Lebombo, there’s no better way to experience Kruger Park in all its majesty than from one of these select lodges. Feel the itch to pack your bags? Get free, no-obligation advice and we’ll tailor-make your trip!

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