An biodiversity hotspot draped in a carpet of wildflowers

Extending from the vast Atlantic Ocean on the West Coast all the way to the tiny town of Pofadder in the east and the Orange River in the north, Namaqualand is a dry and barren place for most of the year. But it also happens to be part of the only arid biodiversity hotspot in the world. During the spring, a rich diversity of succulent flora, as well as countless Namaqualand daisies, burst into life, turning the lifeless terrain into a kaleidoscope of colourful wildflowers.

The best way to see this multi-coloured display is to drive along the Namaqualand Flower Route. The route winds its way through nature reserves and national parks, including the Namaqua National Park, which together allows visitors to witness a display of almost 4,000 species of flowering plants. As much a part of the landscape and just as fascinating to visit are the many towns scattered about the region, such as Nieuwoudtville, the proclaimed bulb capital of the world, and the quaint town of Garies. 

Considered the flower capital of Namaqualand, Springbok is the only major city in the area and an ideal base from which to explore the region. Much like the rest of the landscape, its valley’s rocky crags are draped in the colourful carpet of flowers. 



  • Renowned for the magnificent flower display that takes place during spring
  • Part of the only arid biodiversity hotspot in the 
  • Almost 4,000 species of flowering plants cover the area
  • Following the Namaqualand Flower Route will allow visitors to get the best experience of the beautiful landscape
  • Towns scattered around the area are fascinating and rich in history
  • Springbok is the only major city in the area and also enjoys the multi-coloured carpet of wildflowers

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