An eco-friendly and authentic safari experience

The Mara Conservancies were created in order to protect Kenya’s wildlife, a large amount of which roam about migratory corridors outside yet adjacent to the Maasai Mara National Reserve. The conservancies have merged various farms and plots of land to create the Mara Conservancies, which are leased out by the landowners for tourism purposes. Here, visitors are offered the ultimate safari, with the lowest tourism densities, outstanding game-viewing, and genuine cultural interactions.

Eco-friendly restrictions have been put in place, controlling the number of camps and tents that may be erected within the conservancies. This has limited the amount of people holidaying in the conservancies, creating better opportunities for an uninterrupted and uncrowded Kenyan safari experience. The leasing out of the land benefits the local Maasai communities, while the capacity restrictions ensure low environmental impact. 

Visitors can experience a more intimate Kenyan safari experience, secure in the knowledge that they are supporting community upliftment, conservation efforts, and environmentally friendly tourism. The wildlife in the conservancies is free to explore the land and their ancient migratory corridors of old, undeterred by fences and boundaries. Visitors are warned that malaria is found in the area and the necessary precautions should be taken before visiting. 


  • Experience a more intimate safari experience away from the crowds 
  • The Mara Conservancies are committed to conservation, community upliftment, and transparent revenue distribution among the Maasai landowners
  • Incredible game viewing opportunity—popular predators and a huge number of grazers.
  • The restrictions placed on the space between lodge’s and a number of guests allowed at each ensure that guests will feel truly immersed in their surrounds
  • Adjacent to the Maasai Mara National Reserve.
  • Opportunity for authentic interactions with the local Maasai tribes.

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