Do I need a visa to visit Zimbabwe?

Most foreigners require a visa to enter Zimbabwe, which can usually be issued at the border or upon arrival. The cost depends on nationality and length of stay.

US Citizens do require a visa (Category B) however you will be granted the visa at the port of entry (border post on your day of arrival).

There is no need to arrange the visa prior to arrival as you will be able to purchase one at the border post between Zambia & Zimbabwe during the Immigration Procedure.

Please ensure that you have US Currency in small denominations with you to pay. The cost is US$30 single-entry, US$45 double-entry, US$55 multiple entry – you will need your valid passport, itinerary, exit ticket, and cash payment for your visa.

If you prefer, you can also obtain the visa in advance by contacting the embassy in the States.

British Nationals may also be granted a visa at the port of entry on payment of the requisite visa fees - US$55 single entry, US$70 double entry and US$90 multiple entry.

KAZA Univisa 
The KAZA Univisa covers entry into both Zambia and Zimbabwe. This visa is the same price and the perfect choice for those going on safari in both countries, or wanting to visit both sides of Victoria Falls. Tourists save time and money because they only have to obtain one visa to visit both countries. It costs US$50 and lasts up to 30 days as long as you remain within Zambia and Zimbabwe. It also covers those who visit Botswana for day trips for the Kazungula borders.

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