Discover the untouched landscapes of Nyerere National Park

The Nyerere National Park, previously known as Selous Game Reserve, is Africa’s largest stand alone national park, spanning over 30,000 square kilometers in southern Tanzania. The park attracts far less visitors than its northern counterparts. This – accompanied by its pristine and untouched landscapes – has earned Nyerere a reputation as one of Africa’s last remaining wildernesses. 

Relatively undisturbed by humans, the park’s diverse vegetation includes patches of savannah, riverine forest, and swamp that impose on the predominant miombo woodland. In turn, this diverse habitat accommodates a wide range of fauna and flora. Off-roading is permitted, allowing visitors to get up close and personal with the areas residents. 

A popular pastime at Nyerere is extended treks through the bush with overnight options at fly-camps available along the way. Visitors will wake in the morning to decipher the animal tracks near their tents and speculate about who wandered nearby during the night. Other more permanent accommodation options are available throughout the park, offering game drives and water safaris along the Rufiji River. Nyerere National Park is the perfect add-on to a Zanzibar trip with flights departing from the island and Dar es Salaam and landing in the park.


  • Africa’s largest national park with over 30,000 square kilometers
  • The largest faunal reserve in the world
  • Far less crowded than its northern counterparts
  • Pristine and untouched landscapes – one of Africa’s last remaining wildernesses
  • Overnight trek options are available, offering an authentic safari experience
  • Best time to go:
  • Best
  • Mixed

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