Experience the magic of a tropical rainforest

In a watershed in the southwest corner of Rwanda, visitors will find the 100,000ha Nyungwe Forest National Park, an immense tropical rainforest with a huge biodiversity of flora and fauna. Magic abounds beneath its dense canopies, as brightly coloured birds and butterflies dance amid orchids clinging to tall mahoganies. Nearby, the quiet rustle of primates – for which the park is celebrated – is heard as they swing through the branches overhead.

Of the primates – which include Angolan colobus monkeys and grey-cheeked mangabeys - the chimpanzee is the best to see or a gorilla & chimpanzee trekking tour the forest. Hiking through the rainforest with a guide will give visitors a chance to observe these magnificent creatures in a natural habitat undisturbed by tourism. To witness the forest floor from another perspective, take to the treetops on East Africa’s highest canopy walk, suspended 50 metres above.

The forest contains the largest swathe of remaining montane forest in East Africa and has been rated the highest priority for forest conservation in Africa. Outside of East Africa, not many people know about the forest, guaranteeing an untouched and pristine atmosphere. All things considered, the best way to experience Nyungwe Forest National Park is simply to follow its well-maintained paths through verdant valleys and majestic tree trunks.



  • Immense biodiversity of flora and fauna that has been rated the highest priority for forest conservation in Africa
  • Renowned for the 13 species of primates and spectacular chimpanzee tracking
  • Home to East Africa’s highest canopy walk suspended 50 metres above the forest floor
  • Home to the largest swathe of montane forest in East Africa
  • Stunning and well-kept hiking trails through the forest
  • 310 different bird species, hundreds of butterflies and orchids, and over 75 species of mammal

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