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Away from the hustle and bustle of Mombasa’s busy streets, its coastline is made up of pristine beaches lapped by calm Indian Ocean waters and features sites of great historical significance. Having been an important trading port for centuries, Mombasa’s Coastline is now the canvas along which its history is painted. Remnants of Arab, Asian, Portuguese, British, and Swahili influences are littered across its buildings, streets, and shoreline. 

Although it has been swallowed into the larger city, Mombasa’s Old Town allows guests to get to grips with Swahili culture, traditional ways of life, and truly reflects the multicultural nature of the city. Portuguese and Islamic architecture line the streets while Fort Jesus, built in the late 16th century, has stood the test of time, having been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Mombasa Marine National Park is a popular snorkelling and diving spot, as are the waters off Nyali beach, thanks to the presence of colourful coral reefs. 

A number of beach resorts are dotted along the coastline where water-based activities are undoubtedly the order of the day. Visitors can swim, windsurf, and sail on the ocean. Those who prefer to be land-based can enjoy a game of golf or beach volleyball, or otherwise, try out their poker face at the nearby casino.


  • A living museum of Mombasa’s mixed cultural heritage with remnants of Arab, Asian, Portuguese, British, and Swahili occupation found throughout 
  • Excellent diving and snorkelling off the coastline  with the Mombasa Marine National Park and Nyali beach being nearby 
  • Old Town and Fort Jesus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are must-sees with the latter being built in the late 16th century 
  • The Mombasa coastline is lapped by calm waters, perfect for swimming and families 
  • Moi International Airport is half an hour away 

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