On the Great Migration’s path in Tanzania

On the north-western border of the renowned Serengeti National Park, you’ll find the Grumeti Game Reserve: a migratory corridor for herds of animals naturally passing through the area. The remote, lush location offers a far greener safari experience than if visitors were to venture further east. Rolling hills, river, and woodlands patchworked into the terrain extend resplendently as far as the eye can see.

The 138,000-hecatre private concession accommodates herds of zebra, wildebeest, and other migratory animals as they follow their ancient routes to Kenya and back again to Tanzania - known as the Great Wildbeest Migration. The reserve closes for two months of the year in April and May but the most successful game-viewing times follow directly after and are said to occur between late June and early October.

Visitors to Grumeti will find themselves endlessly entertained. Twice-daily game drives may be undertaken to spot the wildlife, or those wanting to get up close and personal with the land can take to the plains on the back of a horse and race among zeals of zebra and towers of giraffe. A number of lodges are located in the park, offering guests a secluded and opulent safari experience.


  • The Grumeti Game reserve is a 138,000-hecatre private concession serving as a migratory corridor
  • The Great Migration can be seen passing through the reserve at certain times of the year
  • Lush location exhibits rolling hills, rivers, and woodlands patchworked into the terrain
  • The decadent lodges and camps in the reserve offer guests an unforgettable safari experience
  • Visitors can indulge in twice-daily game drives and horseback rides across the plains

There are numerous accommodation options at the Grumeti Game Reserve. Have a look at some of our favorite lodges and speak to a consultunt who will answer all your questions and help you book your holiday.

NB: Our consultants have been to the properties listed below so they can help you choose your perfect spot in the Grumeti Game Reserve and advise on the best time to witness the great wildebeest and zebra migration

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