Why visit a Wilderness lodge?

With 41 luxury camps scattered across six of Africa's premier destinations such as Botswana, Kenya, Nambia, Rwanda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, Wilderness offers a way to experience the best the continent has to offer. Known for being at the forefront of African ecotourism, they promise high-end accommodation with exceptional service to ensure an unforgettable experience wherever you might go.

With over 38 years of hosting guests and treating them to life-changing experiences, Wilderness know what they're doing. They know Africa's most remarkable wilderness spaces and luxury and combine the two for an unforgettable experiemce. Their purpose is to showcase the continent's most beautiful spaces, creatures, and cultures, while at the same time using the power of tourism to conserve and restore the African wilderness and wildlife.

They focus mainly on the 4 Cs, namely Commerce, Community, Conservation, and Culture. Commerce refers to their offerings that make all their efforts possible, the community is about uplifting the locals where they operate, and conservation refers to environmental and biodiversity management. Culture refers to respecting and uplifting local cultures.

Wilderness has many awards under their belt that's proof of their excellence. To name just a few, they've been winners in the Travel + Leisure Best Awards, and their Conservation Heroes Programme won the Highly Commended World Responsible Travel Tourism Award. Many of their lodges have also been recognised, such as Bisate Lodge, Vumbura Mombo, Little Mombo, Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp, which all received a Condé Nast Traveler Readers' Choice Awards. Their Magashi Lodge was also included in AFAR's 2020 Stay List of the Best New Hotels in the world.

There are many more awards to mention, but you get the idea. They deliver on their promises, and you can rest assured that when you're staying with them, you'll have a life-changing experience while at the same time aiding them in their ecotourism efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've taken the liberty to answer everything you may need to know about Wilderness.

  • Wilderness has 41 luxury camps in six African countries. Here's an overview of each one. But don't worry if you don't know how to choose! Our Rhino Africa Travel Experts can help you plan the perfect itinerary. 

    1. Botswana: 
    - Premier Camps: Kings Pool, DumaTau, Little DumaTau, Abu Camp, Jao Camp, Mombo, Little Mombo, Vumbura Plains, Xigera Safari Lodge
    - Classic Camps: Chitabe, Chitabe Lediba, Jacana, Kalahari Plains, Kwetsani, Linyati Tented Camp, Little Tubu, Little Vumbura, Qorokwe, Savuti Camp, Seba, Tubu Tree
    - Adventure Camps: Pelo

    2. Kenya: 
    - Premier Camps: Segera

    3. Namibia:
    - Classic: Damaraland Camp, Desert Rhino Camp, Hoanib Skeleton Coast, Little Kulala, Serra Cafema
    - Adventure Camp: Doro Nawas, Kulala Desert Lodge

    4. Rwanda: 
    - Premier Camps: Bisate Lodge 
    - Classic Camp: Magashi

    5. Zambia: 
    - Classic Camps: Shumba, Toka Leya
    - Adventures Camp: Busanga Bush Camp

    6. Zimbabwe: 
    - Classic Camps: Linkwasha, Little Makalolo, Ruckomechi, Little Ruckomechi, Chikwenya
    - Adventures Camps: Davison's

  • Due to their exceptional reputation and their responsible approach, you can expect the highest quality of accommodation and service while at the same time knowing that you are contributing to their efforts. As Africa has so many diverse landscapes each promising unique experiences, they've hand-selected the best destinations and their respective adventures for you.

  • - Premier up-close wildlife sightings and safari and/gorilla trekking adventures 
    - Diving deeper into local cultures 
    - Photography safaris with camera equipment for hire and lessons at selected camps 
    - Walking safaris at selected camps 
    - Hot air balloon safaris at selected camps 
    - 19 of the 41 camps are solar-powered 
    - When you stay at a Wilderness camp, you help make a difference as a portion of every bednight goes toward their conservation efforts.

  • Wilderness is dedicated to conserving and restoring our continent's wildlife and wilderness. For example, one of their big conservation projects includes the Botswana Rhino Conservation Project.

    It's not only about raising funds to continue doing their incredible work, however. It's also about helping change perspectives. Their lodges are also geared to tread lightly and protect the environment, and they strive to uplift local communities through tourism. 

    Through the power of luxury ecotourism (in other words, your visit!), they're able to do this.

  • Wilderness has a Bush Buddy Programme at their camps in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia. An educational programme designed for children aged 6-12, it offers a way to keep kids entertained while also learning. 

    Some of the best family-friendly Wilderness camps include: 
    1) Seba 
    2) DumaTau 
    3) Mombo 
    4) Kalahari Plains 
    5) Little Vumbura 
    5) Savuti 
    6) Tubu Tree 
    7) Chitabe Lediba. 

    Our Rhino Africa Travel Experts know all the best places for the perfect, safe family holiday in Africa!