Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp


Sheer luxury in the heart of a 300,000ha private concession

It has been said that there could be life on Mars, and you may well believe it if you saw the Skeleton Coast Park. Forming the northern half of the great Namib Desert, the Skeleton Coast earned its fearful name from wary seafarers who sailed the barren coastline on the spice route.  And while you may indeed encounter skeletons of all descriptions: ships, elephants, whales and tiny lizards, this vast and uncharted territory is home to many fascinating creatures and plants. And even more fascinating landscapes and bizarre juxtapositions of sand and sea, and life and death.

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp is yet another impossible contrast. Sheer luxury and endless supplies lie in the heart of a 300,000ha private concession that could swallow up a small city without a trace. Built on an island in a dry riverbed, the camp comprises six luxurious tented suites and a serene living area that looks out into the endless desert. Activities range from day and night drives to full-day walking safaris – the sights and experiences are enthralling.

The topography of the Skeleton Coast Park and surrounding regions creates an endless supply of mesmerising images, and the inhabitants of this vast emptiness are many and varied. On any one of your daily excursions you could encounter whales, in their mating and calving seasons; seals and sea lions being hounded by spotted hyena; clay castles of the Hoarusib River; roaring dunes; lichen fields, flowering stones and ancient welwitschia plants; Himba villages; shipwrecks next to whale skeletons; and waterholes visited by elephant, cheetah, gemsbok, springbok, giraffe, brown hyena, ostrich, jackal, foxes, honey badger, genet and a number of endemic birds.

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Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp
Skeleton Coast Park

About 20 kilometres inland and accessible only by air, the Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp is in a 300,000ha concession inside – and dwarfed by – the Skeleton Coast Park.

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