Forever immortalised in films such as "The Lion King", the Great Migration is Mother Nature's greatest wildlife show on earth. On our Great Migration tour ideas, you can marvel at millions of wildebeest, zebras and antelopes traversing through the vast savannah plains of East Africa's Serengeti and Maasai Mara. It's a spectacle like none other and a must-see for die-hard safari lovers!

As the best in the African safari biz, we've travelled far and wide across our continent to test everything (tough job, we know!) so that you only experience the very best. If it did not meet our (high) expectations, then it just won't do for our valued guests like yourself! Furthermore, you don't have to choose a tour from a set menu. Instead, you get to pick and choose, and our Travel Experts will recommend the best experiences based on your needs and tastes.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've taken the liberty to answer everything you may need to know about visiting The Great Migration

  • The time of year will determine where to see the Great Migration. These destinations will be either the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania or the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

  • Meals and beverages, scheduled activities, transport logistics, applicable fees and levies.

  • Gratuities, international flights, comprehensive travel insurance, items not mentioned under inclusions.

  • The Great Migration is a journey of more than two million animals, predominantly wildebeest and zebra, with a variety of antelope following on their heels – and of course, hungry predators! They collectively travel across the plains following the rainfall and searching for greener pastures.

  • The dates and routes for the Great Migration in Africa remain roughly the same each year. However, it's nature after all. Contact our local Travel Experts to get the best advice for each month. In addition, here's a breakdown of Where To See the Great Migration in East Africa.

  • No, we don't do one-size-fits-all tours. Instead, we specialise in tailor-made safari itineraries based on your personal preferences and needs. This means that you can depart whenever it suits you best – our local Travel Experts will tell you when the best time to travel to your dream destinations is. Stay for as long as you wish, include all the experiences that have been on your bucket list for a while and leave the admin of planning in our hands.

  • We recommend around 14 days for your East Africa safari. This allows you to witness the Great Migration in different locations and get the best wildlife experience possible. In addition, you'll have enough time to relax, soak in the sunsets over the open savannah plains and reconnect with nature while staying in the Serengeti and/or Maasai Mara.

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