Pemba - the island of sultans, cloves, and magic

Known as ‘the green island’, Pemba was ruled over by sultans centuries ago. It was an important centre of trade and with two other islands forms the Spice Islands just off Tanzania’s coast. Despite its auspicious beginnings, the island has kept daily life far from the fast lane and there is no better place to experience it but at The Manta Resort.

Pemba is home to hidden beaches and waterways, forests, mangroves, and swamps. Pemba is known as the Clove Island and despite its size and population; it produces approximately 70% of the globe’s cloves. Don’t be surprised to feel an air of enchantment around the island - visitors can often hear tales from locals about its history of juju medicine and other sorts of wizardry.

Whether it’s the seafront villas where toes meet sand, or the garden rooms where the ocean can be glimpsed through trees, guests will find relaxation in these rustic abodes. For a truly exclusive holiday, guests can make their home in The Underwater Room, a floating paradise whose bedroom sits 4 metres below sea level, allowing its inhabitants to observe the surrounding sea life. 

The Manta Resort Highlights

  • Located on the fascinating and remote Pemba Island, offering a mix of Arabic and Swahili culture
  • Accommodation in beach-front villas, garden rooms or the secluded, floating Underwater Room
  • Manta Resort is run by locals who are always on hand with expert advice about the area
  • Guests can obtain their scuba certificates, cruise by dhow to sandbanks or take in the sunset via a traditional sailing vessel

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