Ugandan rainforest bliss

Primate Lodge provides an idyllic rainforest escape in the heart of Kibale National Park, an area famous for its superb natural beauty and encounters with up to 13 different primate species as well as other magnificent wildlife in the forest.

Kibale National Park is an evergreen rain forest in southern Uganda, home to a spectacular assortment of wildlife – from 70 mammal species to 375 species of birds. From chimp tracking, forests walks, and chimp habituation encounters to hikes and trails exploring the Crater Lakes and the Rwenzori Mountains, there is plenty to keep you entertained. Avid birders should look out for the six species endemic to the region.

The lounge at the lodge is a great place to relax while the outdoor campfire area is the perfect space for sharing campfire stories late into the night. The lodge boasts 16 different rooms including nine luxury cottages, a sky tree house, and a campsite for guests with a little extra sense of adventure. Guests can look forward to the resident chef’s delicious meals at the restaurant and a social bar.  

Primate Lodge Highlights

  • Primate Lodge is in Uganda’s Kibale National Park
  • The lodge is the perfect starting point for chimpanzee tracking excursions
  • There are nine luxury cottages, a sky tree house, seven standard cottages, a family cottage, and a honeymoon cottage (as well as a campsite)
  • Activities include birding, a night/swamp/village walk, chimp habituation experience, excursions to the Crater Lakes, trails and hikes

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