Safari amongst the islands

Surrounded by a mosaic of other islands, peaceful lagoons and ever changing channels of the Okavango Delta, North Island Okavango offers blissful comfort and African-inspired sophistication. Enjoy a safari experience amidst what is undoubtedly one of the most famous wildlife-watching destinations in the world.

Between the floodplains, open savannah and woodlands, there is an abundance of wildlife everywhere. Experience the joy of the Okavango Delta done three ways. On land, on water and in the air. Each new adventure is as extraordinary as the last. Encounter all the stars of the animal kingdom, from big cats to buffalo, antelope and aardvark. The wildlife opportunities in and around camp are exceptional and discovering this idyllic island landscape for yourself will not only delight but also leave you full to the brim with adventure-filled stories to share.

With only three tents, set on raised wooden platforms overlooking stunning views of the lagoon, it won’t take you long to relax and soak in tranquillity. Each tent has been designed around a congregation of beautiful big trees, with exceptional lagoon views. Delights of ebony, mangosteen, rain trees, leadwood and wild fig. The adventure here comes to you in waves, as you safari amongst the islands, rich with wild things and extraordinary beauty. This is without a doubt an incredible Okavango Delta safari experience.

North Island Okavango Highlights

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