A Private Island Paradise with Madagascar's Miavana

Time + Tide Miavana is an exquisite island paradise off the northeast coast of Madagascar, still untamed by the developing world. The tropical ambience is unlike the experience of other island escapes as Miavana is located on the luxuriously private island of Nosy Ankao, offering guests the most exclusively decadent memories and unusual wildlife encounters.

Nosy Ankao is only accessible by helicopter from Diego Suarez in the north of Madagascar. The island provides the most exotic experiences that are sure to delight guests. The “blue safari” water activities enrich guests with a deeper understanding of the island’s ecosystem made up of beaches, lagoons, and bays. Helicopter day trips to mainland Madagascar allow guests to explore different sides of the island on lemur safaris, turtle conservation excursions, and rainforest trips.

There are 14 extravagant Villas, designed by Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens, that embraces this ocean setting along idyllic shorelines. The main lodge boasts a tropical garden, wine cellars in the dining areas, an exceptional health and beauty spa, historical collection of island artefacts, an outdoor dining area, and a swimming pool. 

Time + Tide Miavana Highlights

  • Time + Tide Miavana is a luxury lodge off the northeast coast of Madagascar on the exclusive island of Nosy Ankao
  • Establishes an idyllic balance of conservation, wildlife encounters, and luxurious island pleasures
  • There are 14 different sized Villas along the island’s western coastline
  • Activities at the lodge include snorkelling, diving, whale and dolphin watching, deep-sea fishing, jet skiing, kite surfing, and helicopter flights

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