Cape Town-born, Nazreen is in love with her city encouraging others to get out and explore everything it has to offer. This is where her passion for travel & tourism really comes into play. A dreamer at heart and a wanderer by choice, Naz loves being adventurous and in the outdoors, surrounded by nature. You would need to keep your eye on her, or she may just go wandering off seeking a new adventure! If she’s not out with family or friends capturing all those great memories on camera, you may find her tapping into her creative side playing around with arts & crafts or designing some henna patterns with her henna cones. She considers herself a fashion fundi, keeping her eye on the latest trends. She looks forward to starting her own fashion content social media page someday! Armed with a bucket list much taller than herself, she dreams of exploring many countries before settling down and starting a family. She’s excited to where her journey will lead her to next.

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ZA Number: +27 21 469 2600