The Wildlife ACT


Working to save Africa’s endangered and threatened wildlife.

A key pillar of Rhino Africa's CSR vision is wildlife conservation. In 2012 we formed a strategic partnership with The Wildlife ACT to help fund and support their team of experienced and dedicated conservationists whose main objective is to bring our endangered and threatened wildlife back from the brink of extinction.

The Wildlife ACT’s conservation efforts largely focus on the endangered black rhino, African wild dog, cheetah, and vulture populations; as well as threatened elephant, lion, leopard, and white rhino species.

Wildlife ACT’s conservation techniques involve:
  1. Delivering time and expertise to provide adequate management, capture, transport, and reintroduction of endangered animals to new homes
  2. Developing and deploying state-of-the-art monitoring and anti-poaching measures and equipment in the field
  3. Helping rural communities who live alongside protected wildlife areas to develop a love and respect for nature, providing them with reasons to protect it, and advancing economic empowerment
How has Rhino Africa helped Wildlife ACT? 
Rhino Africa has been Wildlife ACT’s largest corporate supporter in the form of corporate social investment and infrastructure since 2012. We have had a hand in Wildlife ACT achieving the following:
  • Over 350 rhinos have been fitted with tracking devices
  • Over 200 black rhinos have been relocated to new homes
  • Over 80 African wild dogs have been fitted with tracking & anti-snare collars, and more than a third of South Africa’s remaining population are monitored every day. This has lead to a marked increase in wild dog numbers
  • 31 wild dogs rescued from snares in the past 3.5 years
  • 29 vultures have been fitted with satellite trackers, enabling us to better understand vulture movements across the continent and investigate reasons for the sharp decline in population numbers
  • 33 cheetahs have been fitted with tracking collars
  • 6 600 children have been educated in the fields of ecology, science, and conservation since 2010
  • 1 689 children have participated in 48 fully-funded 4-day bush-camps
  • Rhino Africa has helped create awareness for Wildlife ACT by providing marketing and multimedia services from our in house teams
While much has been done, it is still not enough - Wildlife ACT and Africa’s wildlife remain in dire need of our support.  

How can you help? 
  • Travel with Rhino Africa. Just by booking with us, you help to support and fund the work of Wildlife ACT
  • Donate to this worthy cause
  • Volunteer and observe these conservation efforts first hand 

Follow Wildlife ACT’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest platforms to get all the latest news and see real conservation at work.

For more information contact Rhino Africa’s CSR Manager: Teresa van der Bank

Partner with Rhino Africa and Leave your Legacy in Africa
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