Lüderitz Nest Hotel


This hotel stand guard over the harbour wall

Like a fort on a rocky outcrop, the Lüderitz Nest Hotel stands guard and takes a constant lashing from the Skeleton Coast's invasive forces. The hexagonal design gives an almost 360-degree view of Lüderitz Bay and within the castle walls is a safe haven from the constant barrage of the Benguela-frosted southwester.

The rooms are comfortable with heating, air conditioning, heated towel rails, and toe-wiggingly deep carpets made all the more cosy by the choppy sea of the barren rocky coastline that forms your view. Seafood is big on the menus at the Lüderitz Nest Hotel. And you can be sure it is all fresh, and yielded up by the fertile waters of the Atlantic Ocean on your doorstep. Inside the hexagon, the swimming pool is surrounded by a large lawn, and the hotel has a private beach – you'll appreciate the sauna afterwards.

Lüderitz Nest Hotel: seafood on the seafront 

The Lüderitz Nest Hotel rises out of the rocky shoreline in the town's natural bay. The hotel has a private beach, a restaurant, a terrace oyster bar, sauna, swimming pool, and children's playground.Seafood is an important part of life in Lüderitz, the fishing for it being a major source of income, and the eating of it being a major source of enjoyment. The Penguin Restaurant features a selection of the freshest seafood known to man including crayfish (lobster), oysters, mussels, and several unpronounceable varieties line fish.

Restaurant on premises Secure parking Swimming pool


Lüderitz Nest Hotel
Diaz Point

Lüderitz Nest Hotel is on a private piece of rock protruding into the bay and is surrounded front and sides by the Atlantic Ocean.

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