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Begin your adventure in Rwanda's capital, Kigali, for a night of city diversions. Continue to Akagera National Park where you'll be immersed in a wildlife experience. Spend another three nights near Volcanoes National Park and embark on a once-in-a-lifetime gorilla-trekking adventure. Jet off to Brazzaville, the Republic of Congo's French-influenced capital, before delving into the epic rainforests of Odzala-Kokoua National Park. Trek the Western lowland gorilla during two nights at Ngaga Camp before you meander along the bais at Lango Camp over two nights that promise sightings of majestic forest elephants. Mboko Camp punctuates your adventure with its starlit evenings that offer unparalleled birdlife viewing. 

  • This tour is great for:
    • Gorilla & Chimp Trekking
    • Game Viewing
  • Ideal duration: 14 Days
  • From $11100 per person
    • Best time to go:
    • Best
    • Mixed
  • Your adventure begins
  • Rwanda
    Views of the vibrant downtown city of Kigali, Rwanda

    1 Night

    The gateway to Rwanda's treasures

    Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Kigali has overcome its dark past to become one of the most striking and secure cities in Africa and the pride of Rwanda. Lush hillsides rise up to meandering avenues and streets bustling...

  • Continue your journey to
  • Rwanda

    3 Nights
    Akagera National Park

    Located along Tanzania’s border in Rwanda, Akagera National Park is one of Africa’s most picturesque wildlife reserves. Named after the Akagera River that runs along its eastern boundary, the park is central Africa’s biggest...

  • Continue your journey to
  • Rwanda
    See gorillas in their natural habitat in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

    3 Nights
    Volcanoes National Park

    Live amongst the majestic mountain gorillas

    Home to the critically-endangered mountain gorilla and a mountain chain of ancient volanoes, Volcanoes National Park is one of the most anticipated parts of visiting Rwanda and one of the main reasons many travellers come...

  • Continue your journey to
  • Congo

    1 Night

    Brazzaville, the capital city of the Republic of Congo, lies lazily on the edge of the Congo riverbanks, its pleasant and laid-back nature contrasting greatly with its bustling neighbour, Kinshasa, which stares back from...

  • Continue your journey to
  • Congo

    5 Nights
    Odzala Kokoua National Park

    Home to the mighty western lowland gorilla

    Housed in the seemingly endless Congo Basin is a tropical rainforest so expansive that it is seen as the earth’s second lung after the Amazon. Within the heart of this deep, dark and dense natural paradise, travellers...

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  • 1 Night in Kigali Rwanda
  • 3 Nights in Akagera National Park Rwanda
  • 3 Nights in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda
  • 1 Night in Brazzaville Congo
  • 5 Nights in Odzala Kokoua National Park Congo
  • 13 Nights in total$11100 per person

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