So What Do I Need To Know?

All the nitty gritty you need to know for your safari

Tipping on Safari

Tipping is an integral part of South African life, and tips are expected for services that you might take for granted at home. However tipping is only recommended if you are satisfied with the service you have received and is entirely at your own discretion. Below are some further guidelines:

On Kruger Park Safaris & Tours

At the end of your stay at a private game lodge, most guests will want to tip both the ranger and the tracker. Tipping guidelines vary from lodge to lodge, but plan to give the local equivalents of about US$10 per person per day to the ranger and not much less to the tracker; an additional tip of US$25 for the general staff would be sufficient for a couple staying two days. If you are unsure of how much to give - if at all - it is best to ask a manager who will be able to give you advice particular to the relevant lodge.


In restaurants, the size of the tip should depend on the quality of service, but 10%-15% is standard, unless a service charge has already been added to the bill. Give the same percentage to bartenders, taxi drivers, and tour guides.

Safari Etiquette

The highlight of any safari in the Kruger National Park is exploring the bush and the wildlife by enjoying a game drive or bush walk. It is an incredible experience and a privilege to see wildlife in its natural habitat. We encourage our clients to take note of the guidelines below that will assist in ensuring the long-term survival of South Africa’s beloved Kruger Park.

• Take back photographs and memories only and leave only footsteps! Do not remove natural objects (rocks, flowers, plants, etc) from the Kruger Park or any of the reserves. It disrupts the ecology of the area. Please do not litter.

• Do not try to attract the animals’ attention by imitating their sounds, clapping, throwing objects or any other means.

• Never tease or corner wild animals, this may cause an unpredictable response and a potentially dangerous reaction.

• The vegetation in the Kruger Park is very sensitive and off-road driving causes erosion. Only go off-road with a ranger and never on your own.

• Remember that you are a visitor in the animals' natural habitat, so please observe the animals silently and with a minimum of disturbance to their natural activities. Loud talking on game drives will frighten the animals away.

• The African bush is very dry, ignites easily and fires can kill many animals. So PLEASE do not smoke on game drives.

• Respect your driver/guide's judgment about your proximity to certain wild animals. Don't insist that he take the vehicle closer so you can get a better photograph. A vehicle driven too close can hinder a hunt, or cause animals to abandon a well-deserved meal.

• Always follow your guide’s advice – he is the expert! Don’t be afraid to ask him questions if you are unsure of anything.

• Never attempt to approach a wild animal on foot, especially near your lodge or campsite where the animals have become accustomed to humans.


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