Mandrare River Camp


A charming and classic camp!

Mandrare River Camp is an exclusive offering from Madagascar Classic Camping, a seasonal camp on the banks of the wildlife haven that is the Mandrare River. It is located on the southern tip of Madagascar, some 3km from Ifotaka village, home to the Antandroy people, a tribe that still herd cattle and practise fadi (taboo) and ancestor worship. The camp is nestled under a shaded grove of indigenous trees, a stone's throw away from a lovely sandy beach, and nearby sacred ancestral forests with burial tombs and a variety of endemic flora and fauna species. The Mandrare is a lush oasis in this otherwise barren and dry region, attracting a great diversity of wildlife. A large terrace extends to the water's edge, allowing you to enjoy panoramic views of any activity while you slowly sip an ice-cold drink.

Accommodation consists of six canvas safari tents, perched on the river bank with wonderful vistas across the water. Each tent is spacious with large windows and roof vents to allow the air to flow in and mosquito nets to keep the bugs away. It is hardly camping in the traditional sense with decadent 4-poster beds, a canvas covered wardrobe, dressing table with mirror and bedside tables with lamps. Your tent spills out onto an open-air veranda where you can relax and savour the beauty of your surroundings. The bathroom area is linked to the back of the tent with a shower, toilet and wash stand with basin.

Mandrare River Camp is certainly unique. A seasonal camp on the southern tip of Madagascar, it only has six tents ensuring a maximum of 12 guests. Furthermore, it is located in a secluded area meaning you will not have to share the wildlife wonders with any other resorts or lodges. Set on the Mandrare River, the region is teeming with wildlife. The Sacred Forests of Ifotaka are home to burial tombs and 4 species of lemur: Ring Tailed, Verreuxs Sifaka, Mouse and White Foot (and possibly a 5th!). The birdwatching is world-class with over 15 resident species and you can spot all this on guided walks, by day or night. Stargazing on the beach at night is amazing, miles from any sign of civilisation. And you can visit the local Antandroy tribe, see their traditional way of life, their wrestling competitions and contribute to their development.

NB: Mandrare River Camp operates from 1 April - 15 November with a minimum stay of 3 nights.

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Mandrare River Camp

Mandrare River Camp is situated 3km from Ifotaka village near the southern tip of Madagascar, accessible by road (about a 3 hour drive) from Fort Dauphin.

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