An authentic African kingdom

The kingdom of Swaziland is a place where ancient traditions and customs are carefully upheld by its people, under a loyalty to one of the most enduring monarchies on the continent. What remains is a country defined by its authentic African nature, where tiny villages made up of traditional huts and small, relaxed cities stand in a diverse landscape ranging from magnificent vistas of mountainous Highveld to the hot and dry Lowveld.

Visitors will most likely begin their discovery of Swaziland’s abundant attractions at the hub of Swazi arts and culture in the Ezulwini Valley. Within the heavenly rolling green hills of the valley is everything from a wild array of wildlife in a variety of national parks, to fascinating history at the cultural village. Touring Swaziland’s many traditional craft markets will present visitors with a wondrous display of arts and crafts. 

Both its biggest city and capital, Mbabane and Manzini, the hub of Swaziland, are great bases from which to tour the country and its numerous tourist attractions, many of which start just outside its borders. Due to the major variations of altitude in the country, its climate is very diverse, ranging from tropical to near temperate. Swaziland’s only commercial airport is in Manzini.


  • Ancient traditions and customs are held throughout the country, creating an authentic African atmosphere
  • Diverse landscape ranging from magnificent vistas of mountainous Highveld to the hot and dry Lowveld
  • Ezulwini Valley is the hub of Swazi arts and culture 
  • Swaziland is home to many traditional Swazi crafts markets
  • The remote village of Ngwenya is home to the renowned Ngwenya Glass Factory

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