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Visitors will find it hard to believe that Queen Elizabeth National Park was ravaged by a war some decades ago. Uganda’s best-loved park has bounced back from its turbulent history and is now the country’s most visited park. The park is home to tree-climbing lions, 600 species of bird, and a magnificent landscape of acacia woodland, savannah, and swamps dotted by crater lakes, cones, and other volcanic features.

Under 400km from Uganda’s capital and largest city, Kampala, Queen Elizabeth National Park’s boundaries protect a plethora of wildlife sure to make every safari-goer’s dreams come true. The lakeshore is dotted with pink-backed pelicans and wallowing hippos, while elephants and leopards wander along the forest grassland. The park’s Ishasha plains see unaware Ugandan kob grazing near fig trees in which tree-climbing lions wait ready to pounce.

Game drives and scenic nature walks are the order of the day, while boat cruises along Lake Edward will bring eager visitors even closer to the park’s thirsty and water-dwelling inhabitants. Queen Elizabeth’s volcanic terrain is a photographer’s delight, while birders won’t know where to look. Visitors can reach the park by road from Kampala or by flying to Kasese Airport or the park’s airstrip.


  • Lauded as Uganda’s most popular park 
  • Home to tree-climbing lions, over 600 different bird species, hippos, elephants, leopards, and more  
  • Varied landscape comprising of woodland, savannah, and swamps 
  • Volcanic remnants dotted across the park from crater lakes to cones 
  • Game drives, nature walks, and boat cruises are just a number of the activities offered in the park 
  • Best time to go:
  • Best
  • Mixed

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