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Kenya’s rainy season sees the African skies release a torrent of life-giving showers across the land, from which tall grassland and murky swamps emerge and provide a veritable playground for an abundance of wildlife in Meru National Park. This sanctuary was once the home, and is now the final resting place of Elsa the lioness whose life inspired Joy Adamson’s novel, Born Free. Elsa, orphaned as a cub, was raised by the Adamson’s and later successfully released back into the wild.  

Unhindered by crowds of tourists, game-viewing in Meru National Park is an authentic and unique affair. The Big 5 can be found roaming its savannahs and lush woodlands, although the elusive leopard and sprightly cheetah prefer to remain hidden if they can. The steeply inclining gradient and peak of Mount Kenya can be seen from the park, providing a perfect backdrop to game drives, bush walks, and cruises along the Tana River and stopovers at Adamson’s Falls. 

Spanning 87,000ha, the park is only 1hr from Meru and 5hr from Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. Visitors can also access the park via its airstrips which host light aircraft. Enjoy daytime safaris, night drives in search of nocturnal inhabitants, fishing and cruises on the Tana River, and bush walks across the savannah.


  • Far from the crowds of Maasai Mara, Meru National Park offers an authentic African safari  
  • Over 400 bird species have been recorded in the park, making it a twitcher’s paradise 
  • Tana River is popular for cruises, white water rafting, and fishing
  • The park has a 4,400ha rhino sanctuary
  • Mount Kenya can be seen from the park
  • Best time to go:
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