The gateway to Rwanda's treasures

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Kigali has overcome its dark past to become one of the most striking and secure cities in Africa and the pride of Rwanda. Lush hillsides rise up to meandering avenues and streets bustling with people in this cosmopolitan metropolis. Located in the geographical heart of Rwanda, Kigali is also a launchpad from which to explore the country’s many natural wonders.

The vibrant shopping malls in the city centre with their boutiques and coffee shops display the modern nature of the city. For a really Rwandan experience, a visit to its lively markets will provide authenticity in spades, as visitors are met with friendly smiles and touts selling their wares. But a trip to Kigali is not complete without a visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial where visitors can get a sombre grip on the country’s dark history and marvel at its bright future. 

Despite its tropical location, Kigali has a moderate high-altitude climate, sheltering it from the sweltering heat of the surrounding areas. The city is a convenient distance away from popular tourist sites and houses the Kigali International Airport, making it the ideal entryway into the country.



  • One of the most attractive and safe cities in Africa
  • Located in the geographical heart of Rwanda, close to numerous popular tourist sites
  • Known as a modern and cosmopolitan metropolis
  • Features numerous lively markets sporting friendly people and local goods
  • The Kigali Genocide Memorial is a necessary, albeit sombre, stop when exploring the history of the city and country 
  • Best time to go:
  • Best
  • Mixed

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