Monkey around in Kibale Forest

Open savannah merges into woodland, tropical forest, and evergreen rainforest; creating one of the last expanses of land in Uganda to boast both lowland and montane forest. The 80,000ha Kibale Forest National Park’s biodiverse terrain is home to the highest diversity and concentration of primates found on the entire continent; ranging from L’Hoest’s monkey to the red colobus monkey, and other endangered chimpanzees. 

A large wildlife corridor links Kibale to Queen Elizabeth National Park, where herds of African elephants roam freely between both sanctuaries. While the park’s plethora of primates is undoubtedly its main draw, Kibale is also home to other (more elusive) animals such as leopard, buffalo, duiker, and bush pig. Bird lovers will be mesmerised by the park’s 325 recorded bird species and a hard day exploring is best topped off with a cup of coffee made from the park’s wild Robusta coffee tree.

Kibale lies 310km west of the capital, Kampala and is a superb addition to an itinerary exploring the area. Visitors can venture into the forest and go chimpanzee tracking, hiking, birding, or meander along cultural trails that culminate with stops at the Batooro and Bakiga villages that surround the park.


  • Home to the highest diversity and density of primates on the entire continent 
  • Linked to the Queen Elizabeth National Park by a wildlife corridor 
  • One of the last expanses of land in Uganda to contain both lowland and montane forest 
  • Home to endangered chimpanzees along with leopard, African golden cat, serval, and elephant to name a few 
  • Situated 310km west of Uganda’s capital, Kampala 
  • Best time to go:
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  • Mixed

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