The Indian Ocean is the third-largest body of water in the world and nestled in its warm waters are a number of spectacular tropical island destinations. Each is unique, some with a distinct fusion of foreign and local influence, while others are decidedly African. All, however, are home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. 

Mauritius and the Maldives are destinations that have received international visitors for over 30 years, making them veterans when it comes to providing the ideal island escape. Infrastructure has grown exponentially with tourism, making a trip to these postcard getaways convenient and easy with a wide range of excellent resorts to suit guests of every persuasion.  

The Seychelles, while still holding a few secrets, retains much of its authentic island charm. A handful of its pristine shores are widely known as some of the best stretches of sand in the world, while others are still only frequented by locals and the discerning explorer. Lastly, the mysteries of Madagascar are yet to be fully discovered by world travellers. While it is home to many perfect shores, the inland is equally exciting with untouched forests and unique wildlife. This is a place for the adventurer, beach-bum, and thrill-seeker alike. 

Indian Ocean Islands Highlights

  • Crystal, warm waters and spectacular corals make for superb diving and snorkelling
  • Each destination has its own flavour, a unique fusion of Africa and Europe
  • Many interesting historical sites and cultural experiences await
  • Easy to get to with flights from Europe and South Africa as well as via The Middle East
  • Usually thought of as romantic destinations, the islands are also excellent for family trips
  • Many options for travellers seeking relaxation, activity, adventure or a bit of all three