A safari mecca in eastern Kenya

East Kenya is home to thousands of hectares of national park and protected land, most notably in the form of the Amboseli National Park and the Tsavo National Parks. The sheer collective size of the parks and their diverse terrain provide habitats for an array of wildlife—most notably the Big 5—and an assortment of activities for those visiting the area. 

Mount Kilimanjaro’s snow-laden peak can be observed from a distance as visitors navigate Amboseli’s landscape, eagerly in search of the African elephants that inhabit the park. The Tsavo East and West National Parks are divided by the Ugandan railway and, despite the seemingly insignificant partition, the parks couldn’t be more different. Tsavo West offers superb rock-climbing opportunities with views over the plains below. The semi-arid scrubland of Tsavo East and its expansive wilderness calls to photographers wanting to capture the unique beauty of the desert wasteland.

The local Maasai welcome visitors to their villages and act as guides in many parts of eastern Kenya. Their keen knowledge of the land is sure to result in countless wildlife encounters in a region famed for its safari experiences. Visitors are warned that malaria is found in the area and the necessary precautions should be taken before visiting.


  • Three of Kenya’s prime national parks are situated here: Amboseli, Tsavo East, and Tsavo West
  • Amboseli offers great views of Kilimanjaro and a chance to get close to free-ranging elephants 
  • Tsavo East’s wilderness landscapes are a photographer’s paradise 
  • Tsavo West offers excellent rock climbing for enthusiasts 
  • Diverse terrain is refuge for an array of wildlife—particularly the Big 5
  • Best time to go:
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  • Mixed

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