The Congo River can tick a lot of impressive feats off its list: it is Africa’s most powerful river, the second most voluminous river in the world, the fifth longest, and the deepest. It even passes through the second-largest rainforest in the world. However, facts don’t do this magnificent watery giant justice and visitors will only be able to marvel at its sheer size and the surrounding impenetrable jungle, the very place that inspired Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.

Start your journey on a Congo River adventure by traditional pirogue or modern boat. Many villages, both tiny and sprawling, pop up along the river and offer an intriguing insight into their fascinating culture. The river widens into a lake-like and tranquil expanse at Pool Malebo, while the Livingstone Falls showcases the river in all its rushing fury. 

The river splits the DRC and the Republic of Congo’s capital cities, Kinshasa and Brazzaville, making these two hubs excellent entry points to your Congo River experience. A total of eight natural sites in the Congo River basin are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List making the area one of the most important centres of natural heritage in the world.

Congo River Highlights

  • The Congo River is the most powerful river on the continent, second most voluminous in the world, fifth longest, and the deepest
  • Its riverbanks are dotted with villages 
  • The river is very diverse, from the lake-like Pool Malebo to the rushing Livingstone Falls
  • A whopping 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites are found along the river, making it one of the most important areas of natural heritage in the world
  • The river splits the DRC and Republic of Congo’s capital cities