Money Matters

Payment and Currency Exchange

Safe and Secure Payments

SATSA stands for the Southern Africa Tourism Services Association, and our membership testifies that we have a financial guarantee in place to cover monetary deposits lodged with Rhino Africa in advance of services to be rendered. For more information please see SATSA's website.

Worried about online payments? That's understandable given concerns about credit card fraud and identity theft. No-one should enter their personal and banking details without knowing that they will be protected.

At Rhino Africa, we are aware of the risks involved in using your credit card to make payments online and that is why we use the most secure systems available. The payment gateway which we use to process your card details is completely secure and verified by Thawte. Your credit card details are always transferred over a secure encrypted network and are perfectly safe. The only details which are passed from the secure payment gateway back to us are basic transaction details such as the amount and whether or not the transaction was successful.

Our payment system is 3D secure so it protects your personal particulars and banking details. Once you have entered your details, you will be required to insert a password provided by your bank - this password is unique to you and means any payment is authorised by your bank, thus protecting you from fraud or identity theft.

Furthermore, this system is convenient and cost effective. You need not worry about faxing or emailing copies of your credit card, which is not only time consuming but leaves you vulnerable to fraud. There is no credit card surcharge and no hidden costs. At Rhino Africa we do not charge currency conversion fees - it's only fair that you pay what you are quoted and not a cent more! We use the latest and most secure technology to provide you with a secure and safe transaction process so you can have peace of mind when booking your African Holiday.

NB: If you need any more information, you are welcome to call us. We are always happy to help - contact Rhino Africa to plan your trip!

Currency Exchange

Changing currencies can be an expensive and time-consuming affair. Often, people who travel to other countries for a vacation wait until the day before departure or the day they arrive at their destination to exchange their money. They use a bank, local exchange merchant or a credit card and that decision can be a budget buster in today’s global economy.

Travelling to a country in Europe has gotten easier thanks to the Euro. Fewer currency exchanges means less exchange expenses. Travelling to Frankfurt and exchanging your money for Euros when you arrive is like playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun. The chances of you staying within your travel budget are greatly reduced because of the volatility in the currency exchange market.

A 1500 point change in a Dollar to Euro transaction will cost a traveler an extra $150 for each $1000 exchanged, plus all of your expenses increase, which makes your original travel budget worthless. The best way to plan a travel budget is to use real time currency rates, so you can base your budget on actual currency exchange costs.

When Should I Exchange My Vacation Money?

Most travellers believe that a bank or credit card will give them the best rate of exchange regardless of when they decide to exchange money. Banks always add a surcharge to the actual exchange rate and they may only post one rate a day, which may not be a real time rate. Credit cards use their own exchange rate, which includes their profit and they charge a surcharge on vacation purchases, which means you don’t know how much you’re actually spending until you get a statement after the trip.

The best way to convert your currency is to exchange small amounts of money while you’re planning the trip. By averaging your exchanges you know your exchange expense and you’re able to plan your budget using that average, so you get an accurate idea of the total cost of the trip. Averaging exchanges using a reliable currency trader eliminates surcharges, hidden fees and profits and that gives you more money to spend when you arrive at your destination. Averaging reduces your risk if a currency has a sudden surge in value like in emerging markets. Sudden surges can happen overnight and they can devastate a travel budget and ruin your holiday.

Other Travel Tips

It is a good idea to carry your money in a money belt or a hidden pocket, which is secure and out of sight. Where possible, make use of hotel safes and don't leave valuables in your car unattended - rather put them in your trunk/boot. Common sense and awareness are your best security tools. In South Africa, credit cards are widely accepted and you'll never be far away from an ATM.

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