Born and raised in the charming city of Vienna, Austria., Tina has since preferred experiencing the alpine way of life. Climbing green mountains and reaching Austria's snow-capped summits is not just an athletic challenge for her: the peace, tranquility and the fresh air (together with the dash of a thrill) helps her to free her mind and leave daily stresses - especially those originating in her current economic studies - behind. Moreover, it boosts her creativity, which is vital for her innate passion: writing. Tina is not just crazy about wielding a pen in a journalistic manner. She’s also writing poems and sometimes even humorous rap lyrics to give the whole crowd laughter spasms during family meetings or parties!She won’t dare rank one single passion above writing but doing sports is at the same level! Besides playing tennis, she loves going for a run or crushing her muscles doing intensive bodyweight workouts.Excited to get to know the stunning beauty of South Africa, especially Cape Town, she hopes to combine the charming city-mountain flair of her home country with marvelous beaches in just one spot. Plus: catching a glimpse of a real African lion ! And penguins... and whales... and rhinos ..and and and ...

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