Elizabeth was born in a village surrounded by Blue Mountains in Limpopo and raised in the city of Jacaranda trees – Pretoria. She looks for adventure wherever she goes, and believes that whatever scares her is an invitation to overcome that fear. Elizabeth moved to Cape Town for her studies six years ago, and fell in love with the city immediately. She continually finds herself falling in love with it all over again - everyday. She has a degree in BA Fine Art, so naturally she tends to look for the beauty in everyday mundane things. She is a true lover of art and enjoys binge-watching series, trying out new recipes with any ingredients that are at hand, and eating her pizza with Tobasco sauce (she cannot stand it on anything else). She also believes that Sriracha is God’s gift to mankind. What we love most about Elizabeth is something that we know you'll love too: she does not believe in doing anything without passion.

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