Zanzibar Islands

Discover the romance of Tanzania's tropical islands

"The finest place I have known in all of illusive place where nothing is as it seems. I am mesmerised." (David Livingstone, 1866)

Zanzibar Island - Unguja to the locals - is a dream destination. With a troubled history, it is a fascinating part of the world which now enjoys peace and relative prosperity. And it offers an excellent insight into Arab and African relations over the years with the infamous slave trade on this 'Spice Island'. Thankfully those days are over and Zanzibar is now renowned for its beauty and beaches.

Zanzibar offers some of the world's best beach retreats. Whether you choose to stay on the mainland or head to any of the islands, you will be kicking back on your deckchair and sipping a cocktail in no time! The sand is silky, the waters are clear and the coral reefs are colourful. And Stone Town is well worth a visit with its alleyways and charming city centre and ancient harbour. Zanzibar has a wide array of attractions, from the capital Stone Town to the maginificent beaches and untouched islands along the Indian Ocean. Check out our Zanzibar Destinations here!

Looking for somewhere to stay? Our Zanzibar Accommodation is a handpicked selection of all the best properties across the island. We have visited them all ourselves and we can thus help you select the perfect lodge or hotel for your stay.

And we can plan your ideal tour around Zanzibar. Visit the Spice Markets and go scubadiving or snorkelling among pristine coral reefs.

NB: You can visit Zanzibar on its own or combine it with any other destination in Tanzania or even Kenya. We are experts at planning Zanzibar Itineraries so contact us to tailormake your holiday.

Contact us now to plan and book your tailor-made safari holiday to Tanzania.

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