The Land of a Thousand Hills

Rwanda is a country that will forever be known for the events of its troubled and sometimes horrific past. The land has known war, genocide, colonialism and tribal conflict for almost its entire history. Fortunately it is home to a people who are eager to recover and to learn from their past mistakes and move forward in peace. 

There are an array of amazing wonders within Rwanda that make it well worth the visit. First and foremost are the Mountain Gorillas found on the bamboo forested slopes of its peaks. Secondly their smaller cousins and our closest animal relatives, the Chimpanzees, found traipsing through the tree canopy of the Nyungwe Forest National Park Africa's last remaining mountain rainforest habitat. Then there are the amazing volcanoes with their green slopes and the dark waters of the lakes within their 'dormant' craters in the Volcanoes National Park. You might also be surprised to find a tropical beach environment on the shores of Lake Kivu

All in all Rwanda is a fantastic country to visit, with many sights to see, much culture to be exposed to and a past that while undoubtedly very troubled, is also one that the rest of the world can learn from and hopefully strive not to repeat.

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