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Southern Africa is the southernmost region of the African continent, variably defined by geography or geopolitics. Within the region are numerous territories, including the Republic of South Africa.

South Africa’s Big 5 Mountain Bike Trails

The Mountain Biker

Mountain bikers, I’ve discovered since joining the tribe, are a whole other breed of people. A unique species of human whose values, customs and appearance differ drastically from those of, say, urban cyclists. They have some fairly weird jargon, for one; shouting things like, “Give it horns!” as their muscled flanks in skin-tight second-skins push them up […]

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Where Rhinos Picnic: Cape Town & the Winelands


In my earliest picnic memories, light-haired limbs and blonde and brown ringlets roll over each other down endless grassy hills in bollemakiesie races. They flip upside down in handstands, curls washing the earth. Longer limbs chase us, dribbling a ball low across the field. Large hands take ours and lift us onto strong backs. And when […]

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My Trip | In the Heart of Africa

My Trip | In the Heart of Africa

Anne and Mark Thomas, two uprooted Americans who now call Abu Dhabi home, travelled with us through our bombshell consultant Chantelle last year. After Cape Town and Kruger they stopped in Zambia. Sailors, racers, travellers… and so much more, they’re quite capable of telling this story. So I’ll let them take you to Africa for a change. Read their stories, […]

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My Trip | From the Zambezi to “Ka-ka-na-ka”

Inside Africa

Meet Andy and Fran Browne, two retired American gringos (their words) living in the wild coastal reaches of Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Married for 38 years, the couple had often dreamed of coming to Africa, to explore a wilderness of a different kind. And so, late last year, they did just that. Planning and booking their trip through our senior consultant, Helen, […]

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Rhino Africa’s Top 5 Cape Town Restaurants & Bars 2014

Top 5 Cape Town Restaurants & Bars 2014

It being 14 February, we dedicate this year’s foodie list to the romantics of the persistent kind. The crazy beautiful ones with enough staying power to watch The Notebook, Message in a Bottle and P.S I love you in one sitting. The consistently broken-hearted who are still pining for their ex, playing Adele’s ‘Someone I used […]

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My Trip| Lori explores Zimbabwe and Botswana

My-Trip: The Adventures of Lori

If the English-speaking population were to choose a single quote to attest to the virtues of travel and it came down to a popularity contest, it would be a landslide. I wouldn’t have to look at the results to tell you the winner. Mark Twain was, unarguably, a clever man. A wise soul who is […]

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My Trip | The MacKinnons in Namibia

Lamberts Bay Sunset

The Golden Years Many people fantasise and wax lyrical about their plans to start exploring the world once they’ve retired. Once they’ve thrown in the day job, paid the mortgage, married the kids off. Of course we believe in making those fantasies a reality long before then. But the post-retirement years are most definitely an exciting […]

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Drowning in Empanadas | The Horny Grazer Reviews Orinoco


There’s a Spanish phrase that goes, “hoy por tí, mañana por mi” which loosely translates to “today you, tomorrow me”. It’s a great phrase which ‘justifies’ and promotes acts of kindness. I’ll do you this favour today because one day someone will do me a favour. I love the philosophy; acts of kindness breed more […]

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Lion’s Head: Poodle 1, Machu Picchu 0

Lion’s Head

The combination of hiking and talking does not come easily to me. In my experience the duo is never pretty or remotely graceful. Optimism, however, is something I have in truck loads, which is why when our copyrighter Tamlin “Poodle” Wightman suggested climbing Lion’s Head I was all in. It was not so much the […]

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My Trip | Lori Captures The Victoria Falls

My Trip: Victoria Falls

After the high of Namibia through Lori’s lens, I hit somewhat of a slump. A Tom-Petty free fall. A will-I-ever-receive-photographs-like-Lori’s-ever-again depression. The possibility that Lori went on other African adventures was the only thing that rescued me from the darkness. Motivated by this flicker of hope, I scrounged through our archives. What I found was an adventure that […]

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The Best Coffee Shop in the World

Truth Be Told

We’d heard rumblings about a coffee shop down the road from our Rhino Africa headquarters. The Truth Coffee headquarters. Often these rumblings rise and spread like a twister through the city’s hipster waves only to fall in a matter of months. But this twister has only gained more force since its inception. We thought we’d […]

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Where Great Whites Roam

Great white shark

The best places in the world are wild. There’s a kind of magic that only exists in unpredictability. It’s easy to forget that the sea is one of those places because she often pretends to be tame: impersonating a giant swimming pool, lapping the shore like a coy lake, all seahorses and starfish. Sooner or […]

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